Friday, October 14, 2016

Axe that.

October 14, 2016 0 Comments
They changed the settings of the blog. Hard to know why people can't leave things the way they are. What's the craic with always messing things around. Reckon it's a marketing conspiracy, so you end up clicking and messing and smathering around where you weren't before. Just to get you going, wondering, maybe it needs a new template, or one of those things that help you earn money by the amount of people that read it. Nothing's real anymore, seems everything's built to break, fail and disappoint, an inherent lack of quaility. If cars were perfect, there'd be a lot less mechanics, if computers were secure, there'd be no need for anti-virus, if we cured cancer all the people that made cancer drugs would lose their jobs. Everthing's for sale on a personal level, whatever gets ya through the day, hey joe, I don't think the screen's on this phone's gonna last, and the battery ain't that good, screw 'em jack, they'll still buy it, seen it on the telly, wfe wants it, kids wannt it, Christmas coming, wrap it up and sell it good, then we come back next year with new improved handset, better screen, better battery, they'll have forgot all bout it, oh I don't know, Joe, it ain't right, right? What's right, jack, my wfe went to the hospital the other day, real sick, doctors said they can't see her, they're on holiday, some junior guy that didn't how to use a stethoscope, sent her home in pain, car broke down on the way, hit a hole on the road, knocked the shocks right out, I pay tax for them roads, jack, me too, Joe, and I'm gettin screwed, now I gotta pay a guy for shocks and my wife's hopsital bill and I gotta get it somewhere, and it's them new phones we're selling that's gonna pay, gotta get it somewhere, not like it's gonna rain money, huh, ok, Joe, I'll wrap it up, wrap it up Jack, it's christmas, gotta make the money, real good time for spenders, tough year ahead, we got water tax, home tax, septic tank tax, rising oil, someone's gotta feed the government, ya know, need to keep that government going, someone's gotta fix the mess we're in....

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