Thursday, November 2, 2017

Art, man.

Big talk about a screenplay of El Nino. Hey, Mick, we should film this, how bout goin to RTE and tellin them you have it, then fillin out this form, find a producer, some actors, few million Euro and we're off, be sound, don't worry bout the rain, or the wind, or all the other stuff that makes a shite of outdoor scenes. Thing being, film craic takes millions, or so they say. On the other hand, there's an awful lottta talk about this camera, and this shooting style, and these microphones, and have you heard of the dslryxuppgmty programmers that work with an rtchyuingy laptop and make these new films called ghthelanfbt? Fuck's sake. wouldn't mind just goin out with a camera and shoot it and see what happens, the lighting's shite, so what? There's a homeless lad in the background having a piss against the van, he's an extra, why's the cops there, they're lookin for work, can't really hear it, you make it better so ya bollocks. What happened to plain old innovation? In moate here, lookin out the window at the dead sky and the coming rain and the laughin trees, trees always seem to be laughin up here, in a way that says - you're fucked now. They're like washed up gamblers watchin everyone make the mistakes they did and loving it. Come to think of it, seen a scarecrow outside earlier with a basketball for a head. might go and make a film of him, it's all art, man.

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